Isle of Ruination: One to Twenty (S0E1)

This is the very first episode of One To Twenty. No, you didn’t miss anything, we just didn’t start recording until well into the campaign. As you can imagine, getting from level 1 to 20 takes a damn long time, about 3 years if I remember correctly (which I rarely do), and during that time people go through some pretty big life changes. For us, the main one was me, the DM, getting into podcasting, so recording these sessions became a fun side project. Editing them was not. So here they are, basically unadulterated since it seems a shame to leave them unused on a hard drive.

In this episode we join the Bullshit Bandia as they resume their smashing about on the Island of Ruination, an ancient power buried deep underground ever since he laid waste to an empire with the help of his lieutenants Vladamir Spookin and The Hand of Baphoment.

Andrew Bieber